Pogo Games is a sought-after website for people all across the globe. Pogo Games offers a congenial range of games, enjoyed by people of all age groups. No matter which genre of games you indulge in- be it card games or racing games- Pogo will surely offer you a custom made range of games that you can thoroughly enjoy. Like any technological device or webpage can encounter an error, the same is the case with Pogo Games. One of the prevalent Pogo Games errors experienced by users worldwide is Pogo Games Java Errors. If you are also at an impasse, figuring out how to resolve Pogo Games Java Error with Pogo Support, then this article is for you.

To avoid errors sprouting due to Java, it is suggested to keep these pointers in mind.


Install the latest version of Java.

restart browser

Once installing the newer version of Java, restart the browser to enable it.

delter older versions

Delete the older versions of Java

automatic updates

Permit automatic updates. This would help in receiving useful security information and updates.

confirm java is enabled

Confirm whether Java is enabled for the browser.

eradicate java cache

Make it a point to eradicate Java cache at a regular period.

configure the firewall

Configure the antivirus or firewall settings

browsers support java

Make use of browsers that support Java


A 64-bit browser is mandatory for operating 64-bit Oracle Java on Mac OS X.

crome version 39

Chrome Version 39 is a Chrome 64-bit browser for Mac.

system requirements

Evaluate the system requirements for running Java applets.

Java Installation Procedure to fix Pogo Games Java Errors

If you are looking for a comprehensive step by step procedure to remove errors in Pogo Games due to Java, then this is it. Navigate to the OS you are using, and follow the steps mentioned to tackle the issue.

Windows XP/ Vista

  • Press Start > Control Panel > Select Add/Remove programs
  • One by one remove all Java entries
  • Login to your Pogo Games account and try testing a game
  • If you are prodded by Install Java Warnings, install it
  • Enable the Java plug-in once the installation process finishes
  • This would fix the java errors for Pogo Games

Windows 7

  • Press Start > Control Panel
  • Program > Uninstall a program
  • In the program window, remove all Java entries
  • Try playing a game by logging in to your Pogo Games account
  • If a prompt pops mentioning to Install Java, do the same. You could also navigate to Pogo.com and install it.
  • Enable the Java Plug-in once the installation process ceases.

MAC Device

  • Navigate to the Finder icon
  • Press Application
  • In the search box type JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
  • Drag and drop this file in the trash
  • Visit Pogo Games, and try playing a game.
  • If prompt asking to install Java emerges, do as stated.
  • Enable the Java plug-in after the installation is complete.

The process to Enable Java after Installation

Windows 8.1 /7 / XP/ 10/ Vista

  • Visit Control Panel> Windows Start.
  • Click Program and All Apps
  • Search Java Listing
  • Tap Configure Java. If an issue persists, call on Pogo Support Number.


  • On the left top screen, press the Apple icon > Select System Preference
  • Navigate to Java Control Panel > security tab
  • Press Enable Java content in the browser.
  • Apply the changes and exit.

Web Browser (Firefox)

  • Click Menu > tools > Add-ons
  • In the Add-on section, open plug-ins
  • Choose Java Platform (Windows) or Java Applet Plg-in (Mac)
  • Select Ask to Activate/ Always Activate

How to clear the Java Cache?

To avoid errors due to Java in Pogo Games, it is advised to erase the Java cache periodically. To do the same, do as mentioned:

  • Open Java Control Panel > In General Tab choose Settings
  • Select delete file on Temporary File Settings prompt
  • Tap Ok.

The above-mentioned steps can help you erase Java cache easily. If there is an issue that persists, feel free to dial our Pogo Support Phone Number (806) 304-1513. We are a team of experts, always on our toes to help you. We look forward to helping you. Reach out to us on