How To Fix Pogo Poppit Game Not Loading?

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Pogo Poppit game not loading

If you are facing the Pogo Poppit game not loading issue or are getting messages like ‘Please wait, loading’, then we are here to help you. This issue is not very uncommon amongst Pogo game users and can be resolved by accomplishing a few things.

Things to consider before fixing the Pogo Poppit game not loading:

  • Is your game not loading when playing Poppit!, Word Whomp, First Class Solitaire, or other games which do not have a chat option?
  • Does your computer reboot or gets locked while you try to load a game?
  • Is the game which ain’t loading has a Wednesday challenge?
  • Are you using Microsoft Vista and there is an issue in patching?

If the above-mentioned aspects aren’t a cause of worry, then there are various steps to be adopted.

The game not loading usually emerges due to antivirus, ad blocking, ad blocking, or firewall blocking settings. The easiest way to detect if these settings are causing an issue is by disabling them and trying to load the game. If after disabling the settings, you are able to access the games, then it’s your task to figure out a way how you can protect the system as well as play Pogo games.

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Some other things to do include:

  • Clearing your browser Cache.
  • If you use Sun Java, then erase Java Cache as well.
  • Another major aspect is the Pogo games Java error which causes the loading issue. To resolve this, simply enable Java and if using an older version of Java player, update it.
  • If your game runs on Flash Player then Pogo flash player error is again another aspect that needs to be considered. Ensure your flash player isn’t using an obsolete version and is enabled.
  • Also, configure the firewall or antivirus settings.

These are some methods to overhaul the Pogo game Poppit won’t load issue. In case, the above procedures aren’t efficacious, feel free to reach out to us on our Pogo Support phone number.

I hope this helps!

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