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FIx Pogo games full screen mode problem

Hello Guys here we are gonna know that how you can fix Pogo games full screen mode problem and how you can enjoy playing Pogo games. Let’s get started.

Playing games is one of the best ways to pass our time and thanks to the global pandemic, we were confined to our homes and didn’t have the ability to move out of our homes.

This situation resulted in us having plenty of time in our hands along with a spare mind frame. To ward off any stress resulting due to this pandemic it was essential to keep our minds occupied and playing online games was one of the best ways to engage our mind and keep at bay all negative emotions.

One such phenomenal online games platform that is popular among users across the users and was helpful in engaging the spare minds is Pogo games. Pogo games are loaded with a gamut of online games and have different genres ranging from card games to mahjong titans. The variety offered by Pogo has the ability to satiate any game lover differing in their tastes. However, like every online portal, while playing Pogo games, users may encounter some issues. One such prevalent issue is the Pogo Game Full-Screen Mode Problem and one amazing aspect of this is just by reading this blog you can overhaul this problem without inculcating any professionals.

How To Fix Pogo Games Full-Screen Mode Problem

The full-screen mode in Pogo games is one of the common issues that perturbs users. Irrespective of whichever game you are playing, it is obvious that everyone wants to enjoy their respective games in a full mode. To enjoy your games in full mode, do as follows:

  • Right-click on the game icon and choose ‘Properties’.
  • Thereafter, navigate to the compatible tab and scroll down.
  • Pick the box stating reduced color mode.
  • In the drop-down menu, select 16 color bit.
  • Apply the changes and enjoy your games in full mode.

Another method of resolving this issue includes:

  • Right-tapping on the game icon and choosing properties.
  • In the next step, select the compatibility tab.
  • Evoke the compatibility troubleshoot to fix the issue.

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Still, facing an issue?

You can also try resolving this issue by changing the monitor settings. Changing the monitor resolutions may differ and depend upon the system specifications.

By following these few steps your pogo games full screen mode problem might get solved but in case you need detailed assistance or want clarification on any further queries, reach out to us on the Pogo games support number.

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