How To Fix Screen Resolution For Pogo Games

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fix screen resolution for Pogo games

Hey, Pogo games lovers today we are going to talk about how to fix screen resolution for Pogo games. Are you struggling with the screen resolution while enjoying Pogo Games? Does it appear that your screen is either too enlarged or too diminished for a particular game?

If you answered a yes to any or both of the questions, then be assured that your issue would be put to rest. This blog shall provide step-by-step instructions to mitigate this particular issue.

A majority of Pogo game users play a myriad of games on either Windows or Mac. However, if you still clinging to your older OS, you have a good reason to make the switch. The updates for Windows XP and Vista have become obsolete and due to this glitch, some Pogo games may not load. Check how to fix the Pogo Games Not loading issue to handle that particular issue.

Now you have made the switch and are facing a screen resolution issue. The screen resolution for any game or software alludes to the size of the images or text that appear on the screen. At a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, the appearance of objects is pretty sharp and crisp. On the other hand, a resolution smaller than it would make the screen hazy and unclear. If by chance the screen resolution is altered, the gaming experience would dwindle and you may not have an enjoyable experience as expected. So given below are steps on how you could edit the screen size and savor various games on Pogo without any hindrance.

Steps to fix screen resolution for Pogo games:

Before starting with the procedure, you could try rebooting the system. At times, simply restarting the system works. If not, then here you go.

For Windows:

  • Right-click on the screen and select the Screen Resolution option.
  • The ideal resolution for Club Pogo members is 1024 by 768 or above than it. The free members of Pogo should set their screen size to 1152 by 864.
  • Once done, select Apply, followed by Ok.

Once this is done, restart the system and that shall fix your issue.

For Mac:

  • On the right side, you could locate the icon for Apple. Tap on it and choose System Preference.
  • Select display and set it at 1152 by 864 if you have free Pogo membership or at 1024 by 768 or higher if using club Pogo membership.
  • Adjust the setting and close the window.
  • Restart the system and that shall resolve your issue.

Still, struggling with the issue?

If the above steps weren’t efficacious you could do these 2 things to fix screen resolution for Pogo games:

  • You could reset your internet browser and restart the system.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall Java and check if that fixes the issue.

If still the issue continues, you could reach out to our Pogo support phone number and have a word with our experts who shall guide you about the issue.

I hope this helps!

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