How To Cancel Club Pogo Membership?

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How To Cancel Club Pogo Membership_

Hey everyone welcome back and today we are going to know how you can cancel club pogo membership. Stay tuned!

Playing online games is a favorite pastime of users across the globe. Playing games is a healthy activity and has been associated with higher levels of satisfaction. Although there are some ills of playing online games like a strain on the retina, addiction, etc. if a person plays them moderately, it is surely a pleasing experience. It is actually a good way to pass our free time.

The internet is brimming with portals featuring online games catering to a variety of age groups and interests. One such platform is pogo games.

Pogo games is an online platform offering a gamut of games and since its inception has garnered an enormous fan base from all across the globe. An interesting feature of this platform is that a majority of the users are over the age of 45.

A person who has a paid club pogo account can access more than 100 games. So if you haven’t purchased a Pogo games subscription, you definitely should get one and enjoy the gaming experience with your family members. There are some added benefits of premium pogo membership including no ads, private chats, and badges.

If you are still hesitant then do try the free trial and make your choice.

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Steps to cancel club pogo membership:

Before canceling your order, please note the following points:

  • Once you cancel the club pogo subscription, you will still be able to enjoy the games till the subscription period.
  • Once you feel like reactivating your membership, you won’t be able to savor the free trial and shall be asked to pay for club membership from your first game.

If you have made your mind and want to cancel your online gaming services, you have to:

  • In your web browser enter
  • Open your club pogo account and enter your password
  • In the top right corner, click on My Account and you might be prompted to ask to re-enter the password.
  • You shall see 3 options: billing and subscription, security, and personal information. Select billing and subscription.
  • Locate the cancel your subscription link and tap on it.
  • Enter your password and you shall see a new window.
  • Confirm the cancellation and voila, you are done.

This procedure shall cancel the club pogo subscription. In case, any issue emerges or you find some ambiguity while implementing these steps feel free to dial our Pogo games support number or Pogo technical support number.